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Welcome home! The U.S. Military Vets MC was founded in Fort Lauderdale Florida in 1987. The Mission of this club is to foster brotherhood and a great pride in the service you as an honorably discharged veteran disserve and improve the image of veterans and bikers wherever we go. In addition, this is the home and family you have been looking for. If you have an interest in becoming one of us, we welcome the attempt. 


We are not a mail order club our patch is earned and will be respected always. If you are a suitable candidate, you will go far and hopefully one day become part of the family however, if you fail to meet the obligations of this brotherhood you will be sent packing. This is not a weekend fun club it is a commitment to the club and may at times be very demanding.

If you feel that you are worthy and up to the task, contact us below!

The first step is to meet us face to face. After the initial introductions the object is simply to hang around with us. You will be invited to join us on some runs to public club events. During this time, we will evaluate you and you may evaluate us. If a member decides they are willing to sponsor you and believes you have the type of commitment we seek the process then begins. 



  • Males having 181 Days of Active-Duty Service (Active Duty for Training is Acceptable)

  • Received a DD214 Honorable Discharge from the United States Military (Or Serving Presently)

  • Have full rights to Veterans Benefits

  • Have a valid Motorcycle Operators License

  • Own a Motorcycle 750cc or larger.

Membership Process:

The membership process has three phases, "Prospect", "Probate" and ultimately "Full Patch Holder."

If interest is expressed, eligible persons may attend public functions in "Hang Around" status.

If invited by a sponsor to apply, the process begins.



During the Prospect phase a "Prospect" will go on runs and attend portions of meetings with the club as a guest. This gives the prospect a chance to evaluate their desire to belong to this brotherhood as well as the club members to evaluate his basic personality and compatibility.



The Probate phase is longer and gives the probate the opportunity to learn the proper conduct of a member in an MC. It affords the membership the opportunity to evaluate the probate as an individual they will be proud to label as and depend upon as a brother. During this time the probate is under the direct supervision of an experienced member whenever wearing the club " rockers."  

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