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Air Force

Mike "HD" Woolsey

     In 2007 Brother HD came to our club. HD served honorably in the United States Air Force retiring in Germany. He spent most of his life doing what he loved the way he loved to do it. He was not interested in acceptance or approval from anyone.

     HD was a proud and private man, spending his time with riding and fishing. The greatest of those times was with Brother Grumpy out on the boat fishing and kicking a few back.

     Brother HD prior to his transfer to the Golden Eagle Chapter made his wishes clear. "There will be no services of any kind which was keeping with his character." No pity or remorse given.

     HD Loved his brothers and The Eagle Nation. Serving his chapter in several capacities including past President of the Highlanders Chapter and earning the coveted and honored LIFE Patch.

     Brother HD joined our club’s retired list on March 1, 2018, at the age of 75 after a period of 11 years of riding the roads with our family. He later transferred to Chapter 100 in December of 2018. 

     We of the Eagle Nation will not forget Brother HD and those before him. We will all ride together again one day as members of the Golden Eagle Chapter!



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